Hereditary Right on Real Property – Civil Law Review

Raul, Ester, and Rufus inherited a 10-hectare land from their father. Before
the land could be partitioned, however, Raul sold his hereditary right to Raffy, a stranger to the family, for P5 million. Do Ester and Rufus have a remedy for
keeping the land within their family?
A. Yes, they may be subrogated to Raffy’s right by reimbursing to him within the
required time what he paid Raul.
B. Yes, they may be subrogated to Raffy’s right provided they buy him out before
he registers the sale.
C. No, they can be subrogated to Raffy’s right only with his conformity.
D. No, since there was no impediment to Raul selling his inheritance to a

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