Healthy lifestyle for Filipino consumers

As a leading Barley products innovator, Sante International has honored top distributors for their valuable contribution in leading a healthy lifestyle for Filipino consumers while gaining from business opportunities. In a recent event held at the SMX Convention Center in Pasay City, Sante chief executive officer Jesus Joey Marcelo recognized the loyal employees and successful partners of the company in the Philippines by awarding travel promos and cars. Marcelo also revealed plans to expand abroad by tapping the overseas Filipino workers who might be interested in additional income. ”Priority in the International is to top the OFW. We are multi level marketing. Our hope is to give additional income for our OFWs. Challenge is to expand business abroad,” he said. Marcelo said Sante is the sole distributor of Barley products that do not have synthetic, harmful ingredients such as food supplements, barley juice, coffee and soap that are the best source of nutrients and aid to detoxify the body. ”Right now in the Philippines alone we have 40,000 distributors. Recently we started our operation in Taiwan,” Marcelo said. He said it is serving as a platform for Filipino entrepreneurs to earn while leading a healthy lifestyle. ”Sante International is a leading Barley authority with healthy products preferred mostly by athletes and health conscious people,” he added. The young barley grass used by Sante International is being sourced from the fertile plains of Canterbury, New Zealand. The health benefits of Barley has long been recognized in ancient times and considered as the ‘most strengthening grain’ by athletes of the Ancient Greece and gladiators of Rome.

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