Great Success for Both Obama and Indonesia

By Fardah

JAKARTA, Nov. 11 (PNA/ANTARA News) — The brief visit of US President Barack Obama, especially thanks to his smart interactions with the Indonesian leaders and people directly and indirectly, has been a great success for both Obama and Indonesia.

Obama, who had spent around four years during his childhood in Jakarta and joined local elementary schools, opened up about his nostalgic feeling about Indonesia, especially its people as well as local food, during his short visit in Jakarta.

Equally, many Indonesians have loved him since he had declared his US presidential candidacy. Unfortunately some of them “had lost” interest in Obama due among other things to the fact that he twice canceled a trip to Jakarta earlier this year, the slow progress in US-sponsored Middle East peace talks, his policies on Iraq and Afghanistan.

However, those who had turned cool towards Obama, were warmed again as Obama has spread his genuine intelligence and charm since the first minute he landed in Jakarta on Tuesday afternoon (Nov 9).

Not only his gestures, greetings, and approaches towards Indonesian leaders, guests and crowds, but his speeches with his friendly words on Indonesia, were very sympathetic, too.

The Indonesian people loved him and were very proud when Obama talked nostalgically about his childhood in Indonesia, and particularly when he said it in Bahasa Indonesia (Indonesian language).

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