Good Gas Mileage: Shop Around For Good Gas Mileage

You can try to shop around in your local area for the cheapest gas (this is a good gas mileage tip) that you can find but you shouldn’t go too far out of your way to try and get that best price unless you’re already traveling in that direction anyway.

Once you start driving around looking for the gas pump that can beat the one
in your neighborhood you start to increase the amount of money that you
spend on your driving expenses.

Since your goal is to save money you would be defeating the purpose by
driving around for too long.  Studies done by the AAA indicate that it will
cost you approximately 51.7 cents per mile to drive your car this year.

Keep in mind that the IRS will only allow a deduction of 36 cents per mile
so driving too far to get the cheapest gas isn’t always cost efficient.

While you are driving to a location that you would normally be going
anyway you can of course keep your eyes open for the cheapest gas.

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