Global production of active-matrix organic light-emitting diode

Global production of active-matrix organic light-emitting diode (AMOLED) displays is forecast to more than double in 2012 from this year, driven by smartphone and mobile demand, a market report said Tuesday.

According to the report by IHS iSuppli, global shipments of AMOLED displays will jump 110 percent from this year and hit 154.7 million units in 2012.

The market research firm estimated this year’s AMOLED shipments at 73.7 million units, a 55-percent growth from the previous year.

AMOLED displays are mostly used in mobile handsets as they consume less power and offer wider viewing angles and faster response times than liquid crystal display (LCD) panels.

The worldwide AMOLED display market will continue to grow at a brisk pace in coming years, according to iSuppli, with shipments hitting 297.3 million units in 2015.

Many high-end mobile devices by Samsung Electronics Co., Nokia Corp. and HTC Corp. use AMOLED displays, while Apple Inc.’s iPhone uses a rival LCD screen.

The global AMOLED market is dominated by Samsung Mobile Display, a joint venture between Samsung Electronics and Samsung SDI Co. Established in 2009, the joint AMOLED venture holds around 90 percent market share.

The research firm said Chinese players are pinning hopes on AMOLED displays, ramping up investments to catch up with the market leader.

While their entry into the AMOLED market will put pressure on early starters in Korea and Taiwan, the research firm said Chinese firms will find it hard to surpass Samsung.

AMOLED displays will continue to expand in the mobile display market, while LCD displays, which account for about 95 percent of the handset display market, will lose ground.

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