Global Marketing and Intelligence System GMIS

The Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) launched recently the Global Marketing and Intelligence System (GMIS), which a continuation of last year’s restructuring of the department to cope with the current global economic environment.

The GMIS will synchronize the trade and investment promotion activities of the DTI and other government agencies in a more efficient and effective structure.

“Beyond the gains in efficiency, the ultimate objective of these changes is to have an effective structure that can support our local industries in expanding their markets and bring new investments in priority areas,” Trade Secretary Gregory L. Domingo said in his keynote message.

Domingo explained that the GMIS tries to attain this objective through clustering DTI offices into logical groups and working together with other government agencies in a coordinated way.

“This can also be realized through the increase in collection and analysis of competitive information that will be made accessible to everyone,” he added.

He also said these efforts will allow the government to leverage on its meager resources.

“Among the government agencies, DTI has the smallest budget but has the broadest mandate,” Domingo added.

DTI Undersecretary Cristino L. Panlilio vigorously introduced the GMIS before the media, private sector, trade and investment promotion agencies of DTI and other government agencies.

The GMIS is the operating structure of the DTI’s Trade and Investment Promotion Group (TIPG) to foster collaboration among government agencies for a holistic trade and investment promotion that would help the Philippines progress “faster, higher and stronger”.

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