Get Philippines Bar Examination 2012 Result For You

We will post in few minutes the results of the Philippine Bar Exam 2012. The names below are bar candidates last year. We will know today whether they pass. Hold on to your breath. Bar exam Result is soon to be released. To be the first to know of the bar philippines result, LIKE and Recommend us on Facebook.

2085. DINAMLING, Charles T.
2086. DINERMAN, Rhena Amor P.
2087. DINEROS-ESCALA, Sharon Rose C.
2088. DINGLASAN, Roxanne T.
2089. DINGLE, Giancarla Ma. L.
2090. DINGLE, Shielani Agnes B.
2091. DINOPOL, Raphael Leandro E.
2092. DINOY, Nancy Joy D.
2093. DIONALDO, Glenn Rey B.
2094. DIONEDA, Ronaldo C.
2095. DIONELA, R B Jay A.
2096. DIONEN, Hannah Ma. Luisa A.
2097. DIONISIO, John Antonio B.
2098. DIONISIO, Ma. Mayette M.
2099. DIOSO, Adylyn T.
2100. DIPATUAN, Noraliah B.
2101. DIPUTADO, Jean-paul A.
2102. DIRECTO, Reyna Mae C.
2103. DIRON, Abdul Halim P.
2104. DIRON, JR., Mabandes S.
2105. DISALUNGAN, Abdulraof M.
2106. DISANGCOPAN, Abdel Jamal R.
2107. DISTOR-MIRAFLOR, Esmeralda H.
2108. DISTURA, Irene Bianca B.
2109. DITUAL, Alinor Maulana G.
2110. DIUCO, Alalaine D.
2111. DIVIDINA, Danilo N.
2112. DIVINO, Gideon Rey B.
2113. DIVIVA, V, Domingo V.
2114. DIWAS, Dexter D.
2115. DIZON, Carolyn L.
2116. DIZON, Catherine Gail C.
2117. DIZON, Diana Joy G.
2118. DIZON, Mary Anne E.
2119. DIZON, Noemi D.
2120. DIZON, Precel C.
2121. DIÑA, Meinhart A.
2122. DIÑO, Adel Cristina Z.
2123. DIÑO, Catherine Anne L.
2124. DIÑO, Maria Kristina V.
2125. DOBLE, Sherrie Mei D.
2126. DOBLON, Remedios P.
2127. DOCENA, Denzil A.
2128. DOCENA, Vilma V.
2129. DOCLISEN, Nancy A.
2130. DOCTOR, Cyril A.
2131. DOCTOR, Ruby N.
2132. DOGAO, Janelle S.
2133. DOLAR, Elmor L.
2134. DOLINA, JR., Gregorio P.
2135. DOLINO, Jerros S.
2136. DOLLETE, Eric D.
2137. DOLLISON, Rhea C.
2138. DOLOSA, Melody A.
2139. DOMAGTOY, Gem B.
2140. DOMANTAY, Jackson G.
2141. DOMINGO, Carolin R.
2142. DOMINGO, Conmyr S.
2143. DOMINGO, Emmanuel T.
2144. DOMINGO, Geraldine Elaine D.
2145. DOMINGO, Leander C.

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