GCL-Poly Energy Holdings Ltd Doing Business in America

A Chinese polysilicon maker, GCL-Poly Energy Holdings Ltd (GCL-Poly), has set up a joint venture with a U.S. photovoltaic (PV) company to provide PV equipment and tap the American market.

The joint venture, Sunora Energy Solutions 1 LLC, was formed by GCL-Poly and U.S. PV utility project developer NRG Solar LLC through their wholly-owned subsidiaries, according to Zhu Gongshan, board chairman of GCL-Poly. vGCL-Poly and NRG Solar each own 50 percent stakes in the joint venture.

Sunora will seek to build selected projects developed by NRG Solar using GCL-Poly’s performance-optimized PV system equipment, according to Zhu.

“This transaction is our first step toward a strong and strategic partnership with NRG Solar,” Zhu said in a statement, stressing his hope that the deal would bring his company’s equipment to the fast-growing U.S. PV market.

Hong Kong-listed GCL-Poly is Asia’s largest supplier of polysilicon and wafer (thin sheets of semiconductor material) as well as a top green energy enterprise in China.

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