Gas pipeline in the Philippines

An international consortium is currently gearing-up to build a new gas pipeline in the Philippines. The partners in the planned undertaking include the local SHELL PHLIIPPINES EXPLORATION B.V. (SPEX), an affiliate of the ROYAL DUTCH/SHELL GROUP of the Netherlands/UK, in conjunction with TEXACO PHILIPPINES INC., a subsidiary of US-based TEXACO, USA], FIRST HOLDING CORP. and PHILIPPINE NATIONAL OIL CO. of the Philippines.

Construction plans under consideration call for building a 100 km-long pipeline. The planned line is intended to run between Batangas to Sucat. According to David Greer, SPEX Managing Director, construction costs have been estimated at $80,000,000.

As things currently stand, project plans have been submitted to the Filipino DEPARTMENT OF ENERGY (DOE). However, the joint venture has not yet decided on a final development plan.

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