Fuel Saving: Fuel Saving Tip

Here’s our new fuel saving tip: Only 15 percent of the fuel that you put into your car gets used and the rest of the energy is lost for many reasons.  It is important to maintain your car and have an understanding of how your vehicle operates.

If this information is foreign to you, you may consider taking a basic mechanics course to gain some knowledge.

The more that you understand about the way that your vehicle runs, and
what it takes to properly maintain it, the more success you will have when it
comes to understanding what steps to take to start saving money.

If only 15 percent of the fuel that you pay for gets used that means that you
need to be absolutely certain that the condition in which your car is running
is as efficient as it can be.

In addition to a mechanics course you may be able to find fuel saving tips
that are available through a small mini-course at your local college.

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