Free Webinar from Provider of E-forms Data Capture

Formatta, a leading provider of e-forms data capture and integration software solutions, today announced a free webinar on September 17 for members of the higher education community interested in learning how to quickly, easily and affordably e-enable paper forms and unlock the data for integration with other campus business systems.

“A typical higher education institution uses hundreds of forms across all aspects of its campus including admissions, financial aid, alumni and human resources. Paper and early-generation e-forms business processes are labor intensive, slow, costly, and error prone. Formatta’s solution allows higher education institutions to quickly and efficiently convert paper forms to electronic forms on a standard platform, routable for electronic review and approvals, and sharable across multiple departments and systems,” said Grant Wagner, Formatta President and CEO.

What: Learn how higher education institutions are leveraging the Formatta solution with the industry’s leading mix of features and value to design, access, sign, submit and capture electronic forms critical to a wide array of higher education processes. The Formatta webinar will cover 3rd-generation e-forms, direct data capture, open forms management, and automatic business systems integration. The company will also share details on how easy it is to access a no-cost trial of the Formatta solution.

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