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After losing a family member to Cancer, a united family of 9 (2 adults and 7 children) combined their pain, anger, and talent to compose a very unique musical composition, encouraging President Obama and others to permanently stop smoking cigarettes. The Church Family creatively included President Obama in their composition and promotion. They’re also offering some free quit smoking help resources on their website

Nerissa Gordon (36), a non-smoker, recently passed away after a tragic bout with colon cancer. She was a single mother and left behind 4 children the oldest being autistic. Despite financial difficulties, Nerissa’s younger sister Carla and brother-in-law Michael Church, without hesitation, accepted the daunting task of raising Nerissa’s 4 children (ages 7-12) along with their own 3 children (ages 5-14). The Church family’s household has increased to a blooming family of 9.

Michael who composes music as a hobby, decided to use music as a therapeutic remedy to help heal some of the family’s grief. Michael created some instrumental compositions, then along with his wife and the children wrote positive and inspirational lyrics for 3 songs they recorded. One of these songs was called ‘Cigarettes are Ehhh’™, encouraging people to stop smoking cigarettes.

The Church family remembers how painful it was when they lost a member of their family to Cancer, not because of smoking cigarettes, but by an act of GOD. While creating this song some of the family remembered that President Obama was a smoker. They concluded that smokers, including President Obama, have been intentionally putting themselves at risk for developing Cancer. This could eventually cause the exact emotional pain on the Obama family and others, as the Church family has recently felt.

The Church Family created ‘Cigarettes are Ehhh’™, a song with a catchy hook, compelling lyrics, a friendly edge, and a little help from President Obama’s “Yes We Can”. The family believes their song will help promote their anti-smoking campaign message to enlighten many smokers, and spark healthy conversations between parents and their children, and vice versa.

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