Free laptop computers to children with cancer and serious illness

In August 2010, Jennifer Varner of Cary, North Carolina and her husband were celebrating his 10th anniversary of being cancer free. One week later and three months pregnant, Jennifer was diagnosed with invasive breast cancer. After fighting through 6 months of chemotherapy and a mastectomy, Jennifer delivered Kilian, a perfectly healthy baby boy. Jennifer has since started Kilian’s Kids, a non-profit that provides laptop computers to children with cancer and serious illness.

A 14-year-old girl and 8-year-old boy are the most recent recipients of Kilian’s Kids gifts thanks to their partnership with the Durham Ronald McDonald house. The teenage girl will be in complete isolation while her immune system rebuilds itself after a bone marrow transplant, so she plans to use the computer to attend Bible School Class via Skype. The young boy was excited about his new Nintendo DSi and games that will help pass the time as he undergoes treatment.

As a cancer survivor, and having seen her husband through his cancer treatment, Jennifer understands the numerous days and nights spent in a hospital when fighting a cancer diagnosis. With wireless connections now available in hospitals, a laptop from Kilian’s Kids allows children and their families to keep in touch with friends and families, as well as offering children the ability to escape the reality of doctors and treatment.

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