Former Prime Minister Yulia Timoshenko Detained

A Ukrainian Health Ministry commission will examine former Prime Minister Yulia Timoshenko at a correctional facility within the next several days, the State Penitentiary Service said on Wednesday, January 4.

“Reports about the conditions of Timoshenko’s detention and her health are wrong and aimed to misinform society,” the service said.

Upon arrival at the correctional facility, Timoshenko was offered to undergo a medical examination and take tests, but she refused and notified the facility administration thereof in writing.

“During the day Timoshenko receives all the necessary medicines prescribed to her in accordance with the recommendations of the Ukrainian Health Ministry commission and she is being constantly watched by the facility’s medical personnel. Her condition has been assessed as fair. At the same time, a new commission of leading specialists ion different fields of medicine has been set up together with the Health Ministry and it will examine Timoshenko within days,” the service said.

Under existing laws, all cells at the facility are provided with video cameras and night lighting. “The night-light in the cell Timoshenko shares with another woman is a mere 5 watt bulb and its light is directed towards the floor and cannot disturb her sleep,” the service said.

Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovich earlier ordered that Timoshenko be given medical treatment by European standards.

“I have lately heard many complaints from former Prime Minister Yulia Timoshenko’s lawyers about the conditions of her incarceration, and I instructed all institutions concerned to create all conditions by European standards,” Yanukovich said, referring to “treatment, examination and conditions of custody”.

He recalled that the criminal case against Timoshenko was opened in 2009 by a decision of the Ukrainian national security and Defence Council. “We got it [the case] by way of inheritance, so to speak. Timoshenko was not an opposition leader at that time and was the prime minister of Ukraine,” the president said.

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