Foot-and-mouth Disease in Paraguay

The Bolivian government beefed up border controls with Paraguay Wednesday to prevent the foot-and-mouth disease from entering the country.

Vice Minister of Rural Development and Agriculture Victor Hugo Vasquez said his government has asked local authorities to beef up health controls on its southern border with Paraguay, and ordered all zoo sanitary permits for cattle imports to be canceled.

The new measures came after Paraguay, one of the world’s 10 major beef exporters, reported a resurgence of the cattle disease this week after a September outbreak that forced the government to stop all beef exports.

To prevent the disease from spreading into the country, Bolivia will close its borders to all animals susceptible to the disease, animal products, byproducts and other goods that contain animal feed from Paraguay.

Bolivia is also tightening health controls and keeping a closer eye on tourists.

However, the reemergence of foot-and-mouth disease in Paraguay will not put Bolivian livestock at risk, the ministry said.

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