Food Poisoning in Antique, Philippines

Eleven families composed of 18 members suffered food poisoning Wednesday after eating fish caught by a fisherman in a gill net near the area where MV Seaford 2 in Barangay San Pedro, San Jose, Antique sank.

Dr. Melba Billones, San Jose Municipal Health Officer, told members of the media in a press conference that the 18 persons live in the shoreline of Barangay Mojon, less than a kilometer away from the ill-fated vessel.

“We treated the patients for food poisoning and we have sent samples of fish both cooked and frozen for examination by the Bureau of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources (BFAR). We also sent water samples for examination,” Dr. Billones said.

According to her, of the 18 victims, nine are males and nine females with two of them pregnant. The youngest victim is three years old and the eldest is 71 years old.

The municipal government headed by Mayor Ronie Molina is presently providing food to the victims as they could not go fishing.

San Jose Municipal Administrator Florante Moscoso, however, stressed that it was not established that the food poisoning was due to the oil sheen in the area that resulted from the sinking of the cargo vessel.

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