Fishermen Floating Off Parang, Maguindanao

Members of the military’s 11th Special Forces (SF) under the 5th SF Battalion rescued Wednesday six fishermen found floating off the shores of Illana Bay in Parang, Maguindanao.

Accordingly, the fishermen came from adjacent Bongo Island a day earlier when their fishing boat was met by big waves, causing it to capsize.

Fishermen aboard small bancas spotted their ill-fated colleagues at sea on Wednesday morning, prompting them to seek the assistance of soldiers stationed ta the shorelines of Parang town.

Wasting no time, the soldiers dispatched two “airboats” to rescue the fishermen.

Those rescued were identified as Akmad, Escat, Soliman, all surnamed Daod; Rod Gader, Nestor Macaranga, and Akmad Tuansi.

The “airboats”, also known as hovercrafts, which the solders’ used, were earlier donated by the Australian government as part of the Joint Philippine – Australian Army Watercraft Project aimed for humanitarian missions such as rescuing distressed fisher folks at sea.

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