Firecrackers from China Intercepted by Customs

The Bureau of Customs (BOC) seized P10.6-milliion worth of firecrackers and fireworks misdeclared as school supplies that were illegally imported from China, according to BOC on Monday.

Commissioner Ruffy Biazon said the two 40-footer container vans of firecrackers and pyrotechnic devices were consigned to FEC Trading which is owned by a certain Francisco Edward Lopez Claudio of Makati City.

It was learned that the pyrotechnic shipment was lodged at the BOC by FEC Trading’s customs broker Advenzur O. Ubas.

The BOC also learned that the cargo was not only misdeclared and undervalued, but it did not have the required import permit for such products from the Philippine National Police.

“This is usually the time of the year when unscrupulous traders try to keep a killing of the high demand of pyrotechnics devices by flooding the market with illegally imported firecrackers and fireworks,” Biazon said in a statement.

Biazon added that the modus operandi will only create unfair competition in the local market, which directly affects the local pyrotechnics industry resulting in job displacements for countless Filipinos.

The BOC chief pointed out that illegally imported firecrackers did not pass or go through the country’s quality standard monitoring measures. “Thus, the safety of those who would use these products in their merrymakings for the holidays could be at stake.”

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