Finest broadcaster in the world

Despite all the recent hoohar concerning cover-ups and vanishing DG and former bass player of the Who, ‘Gorgeous’ George Entwistle, over at Auntie Beeb, there can be no denying that the BBC is still the very finest broadcaster in the world, delivering unbiased news and views where other “fact” peddlers follow the strict political bent of their tyrannical Aussie overlord, and producing sports coverage that – as proved by last year’s Olympic Games – is second to none. So, although we’ve had the BBC News app available for ages, what we’ve really been awaiting is this: BBC Sport.

Containing choice chunks of sporting goodness covering Formula 1, Cricket, Rugby Union, Rugby League, Tennis, Golf and Football, there’s news from all corners of the sporting word available in one appy little place, with on-demand video and audio, live text commentaries, and the ability to share stories via the usual social media suspects.

As you might suspect, it is football heavy, with detailed match and stat details, along with live scores, full season fixtures, results, tables and individual pages available for teams.

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