Find Best Types of Insurance and Annuity

press release – Itsol Inc. unveiled, a comprehensive knowledge base on all types of insurance and annuity. provides both insurance consumers and insurance agents with information on all types of insurance and annuity.

New types of financial products like mortgage protection life insurance and life insurance settlement have become very popular in the last few years. Information on these products is hard to find on the internet. responds to the demand of insurance consumers and insurance agents to learn more about new types of insurance products by writing easy to understand informational articles about these products. has professional copywriters who add new articles about insurance and annuity every day. With more useful information on insurance available on the Internet, insurance consumers get the upper hand when shopping for insurance. provides insurance consumers with explanations of each type of insurance product and annuity as well as savings tips.

Insurance agents can use to learn about different types of insurance products. Independent insurance agents benefit from a great deal, because they don’t have access to expensive training that captive agents get. Unlike insurance product manuals that describe insurance products using complex technical jargon, uses easy to understand language that agents can use when explaining the product to consumers. (source:

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