Filipino Teachers Get Salary Raise

Cebu City Mayor Michael Rama has promised to increase the salaries of some 500 night high school teachers, with one city lawmaker proposing a P6,000 monthly pay hike .

Rama said teachers should receive what is due them such as salary increase.

There are 350 contractual and 130 part-time night high school teachers who are paid by the Cebu City Government at P100 per hour.

Contractual teachers used to receive P12,000 a month for their six-hour actual teaching per day.

Cebu City Councilor Joey Daluz, who chairs the city’s scholarship committee, proposes a P6,000 increase per month for the contractual teachers.

He wants the salaries of night high school teachers to be at the same level with the salaries of the regular teachers (Teacher 1) who are receiving P19,099 monthly.

The increase in the pay of part-time teachers, which will also be added to the rate per hour, will also total P6,000 per month.

Daluz said they need P30 million for the salary increase of the contractual and part-time teachers.

The city, however, has at least a P200-million allocation for the Special Education Fund (SEF) this year, which can be used for the extension classes.

The night high school program of the city aims to decongest classrooms of public day high schools and provide opportunities to working students to earn a high school diploma.

There are 26 night high schools in the city, with a total population of 18,901 students or 39 percent of the total enrollment in the public secondary schools.

City Schools Division Superintendent Rhea Mar Angtud welcomed the news.

It was Angtud who requested the City to raise the salaries of night high school teachers, who receive smaller salaries compared to regular teachers.

Daluz said they will prioritize the salary increase and the other benefits will follow.

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