Filipino Offshore Oil Workers Exploited

The Philippines’ top envoy to Washington Monday told a New York-based Filipino community organization to get its facts straight before accusing the government of neglecting Filipino offshore oil workers allegedly exploited by an American company in Louisiana. Ambassador to Washington Jose Cuisia debunked accusations the embassy failed to look into the condition of Filipino workers contracted by Grand Isle Shipyard Inc., a Louisiana-based firm the subject of a second class action lawsuit filed last week on behalf of some 70 Filipino workers. “While we welcome their sudden interest and belated expression of concern for Filipino offshore oil workers in the Gulf of Mexico, Philippine Forum and other so-called solidarity groups should have first done their homework and get their facts straight before accusing us of indifference,” Cuisia said in a statement from Washington and released in Manila. Philippine Forum claimed Cuisia ignored a request of the complainants for a dialogue and that he ignored the condition of the oil workers. “This is an unfair assertion coming from a group that claims to represent the interests of our offshore oil workers,” Cuisia said. “We have no problems with Philippine Forum if it wants to publicize its involvement in this issue but it should not do this at the expense of the Philippine government.”

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