Filipino Jobs Hiring in Bahrain and Employment Opportunity

The Philippine mission in Bahrain met recently with Bahraini recruiters of Filipino labor to discuss streamlined recruitment and deployment procedures as well as measures against erring employers and recruiting agencies.

In a report to the Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA), Philippine Ambassador to Bahrain Ma. Corazon Yap-Bahjin said she “stressed the need for recruiters to carefully select their counterpart Philippine recruitment agencies since they are jointly liable for contract violations.”

She told the Bahhraini agencies “to undertake measures such that only those who are physically, emotionally, and psychologically prepared to work will be deployed to Bahrain.” This will avoid cases of overseas Filipino workers absconding from their employers without just cause, she told them and complicating their visa status in Bahrain.

Recruiters were also urged to inform prospective workers, especially domestic workers, about expectations from their jobs, the culture and tradition of the Bahraini people, and the relevant laws governing employment and residence in Bahrain.

Also discussed during the meeting were the streamlining of the procedures and requirements for the verification and authentication of employment contracts, the modification of the standard contract for domestics, the mechanism for the suspension of the processing of contracts of non-compliant/erring agencies, and the institutionalization of the dialogue process between the embassy and recruitment agencies .

Bahjin also reiterated that having well-protected household help would redound to the recruiters’ benefit. She asked the recruiters’ assurance they will “do their part in ensuring the protection of the rights and the promotion of welfare of Filipino workers, since the continued deployment of workers to the country is also in their interest.”

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