Federation of Philippine Industries (FPI) Sees Loopholes in Tariffs and Customs

The Federation of Philippine Industries (FPI) is pushing for the inclusion of the anti-smuggling bill in Malacanang’s list of priority measures.

It noted that in removing the loopholes in the Tariffs and Customs Code (TCC), the government would increase revenue collection and protect domestic manufacturers from the onslaught of smuggled goods in the local market.

“We hope that the anti-smuggling bill will be given utmost importance by the President by certifying it as urgent,” said Jesus L. Arranza, FPI chairman and concurrent chair of the group’s anti-smuggling committee.

Arranza recalled that this has been tackled in three past Congresses, but the House of Representatives and the Senate were not in agreement.

He noted that the government is in dire need of money and the industry is in serious state because smuggled goods are competing unfairly in the domestic market.

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