Features of Deus Vertical Rescue System

deus-vertical-rescue-systemOn July 4, 2009, the crown of the Statue of Liberty re-opened to crowds of visitors waiting to climb the 354 steps to the top of the iconic sculpture. The narrow, steep conditions inside the statue present particular challenges to the team of rescuers trained to help any guest in need. The DEUS 3100 Vertical Rescue System offers the ease and adaptability necessary for rescuers to meet those challenges.

DEUS Rescue provided the 3100 to members of the Statue of Liberty’s specialized Rope Access Team because of its unique advantages in a number of rescue situations. Weighing just two pounds (plus rope), the device is small enough to carry into any situation — even into the tight confines of the Statue of Liberty’s winding staircases. Supremely easy for rescuers to use, the DEUS 3100 offers hands-free operation. It is also the only controlled descent device to protect against free fall with four independent brakes for quadruple redundant safety.

“The DEUS 3100 is lightweight, compact and versatile,” said Supervisory Park Ranger Eugene Kuziw. “It’s useful for lowering, low-profile, compact, easily storable and quickly deployable. We can also use it in case of multiple victims. The DEUS 3100 is a welcomed tool in our box.”

Another tool in the box of Kuziw’s 18-member, all volunteer Rope Access Team is the R.I.T.E. Rescue Sled. An integrated full body harness used for vertical removal, the R.I.T.E. Rescue Sled and the DEUS 3100 — combined with the expertise of rescue team members — make removing anyone from inside the statue quicker and easier than ever before.

“The Statue of Liberty is a World Heritage Site,” said Mindi Rambo, spokeswoman for the National Park Service, “which means she is not only an American icon, but a symbol to the world as well.”

Rambo noted that careful research went into assuring that the crown ascent could be as safe as possible, given the inherent risks. “Visitor safety is one of our most important concerns,” she said.

National Park Service staff at the Statue of Liberty put the DEUS 3100 through an evaluation process before deciding to add it to the Rope Access Team’s tools. During the evaluation, FDNY firefighters demonstrated the DEUS 3100’s capabilities, and after the device was approved by NPS personnel, DEUS Rescue donated it to the team.

DEUS Rescue was established to meet the special demands of fire and rescue professionals. The DEUS 3100 was designed, with extensive input from rescuers, to allow a firefighter to bail out or rescue others from a height easily, safely and quickly.

DEUS Rescue offers a world of resources in personal rescue. The company’s objective is to save lives by providing the absolute finest vertical rescue solutions in the world. That principle means that rescue professionals can count on DEUS, every moment, every time.

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