Expert Analysis of Tax Credit Eligibility

Sheppard Law Group offers expert analysis of tax credit eligibility. Understanding the tax implications of the Affordable Care Act and working with the IRS to settle tax debts are two areas of expertise Sheppard Law Group is now nationally recognized for.

A new survey found that almost half of eligible business owners nationwide aren’t even aware of allowable tax credits. And overlooking this credit could be costly. Four million small businesses qualify, and the IRS estimates that the credit will add up to about $40 billion in tax relief over the next 10 years.

The IRS has sent millions of postcards to small business owners to alert them to the available credit; however, the recipients of these cards often do not have expert representation or experienced IRS attorneys on staff to make sense of the new laws. In other words, the IRS alert can help taxpayers begin the process of determining eligibility for the federal tax credit, but it’s a complicated formula that’s best left to IRS attorneys with extensive experience.

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