Exim Bank Gains Momentum in Business

Exim Bank aims to approve deals worth about RM3 billion next year as the bank is currently gaining momentum in business, said managing director-cum-chief executive officer Adissadikin Ali.

Of that amount, he expects to disburse between RM1.2 billion and RM1.25 billion next year.

“There will be some growth next year. We’re projecting at least 20 per cent growth,” he told Bernama.

This year, the bank expects to approve deals worth RM2.5 billion and of that, a total of RM1 billion is targeted for disbursement.

“We’ve disbursed close to RM500,000. We’re very much on target to achieve the RM1 billion until December,” he said.

Adissadikin said until July this year, Exim Bank had approved 45 deals and expects the number to increase to about 80 deals by year-end.

He said the average ticket size for a deal is about RM20 million but there are deals that can be as high as US0 million or RM200 million.

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