Ex-Filipino Army Victim of House Burglars

A cache of firearms, ammunition, military uniforms, nameplates and P310,000 cash money were carted away by still unidentified suspects who ransacked the house of an alleged former Philippine Army personnel in Barangay Lucena, Prosperidad, Agusan del Sur on Saturday, police report here Tuesday said.

Caraga PNP regional information office in the official report identified the owner of the house as former Army personnel Jerome Rondina Dagatan, 47.

The police report did not explain why the victim’s house contained cache of firearms, ammunition, military uniforms and name plates. Likewise, the report did not mention the rank of the ex-soldier.

The police report said the robbery took place at about 6 p.m. on June 25, where the suspects destroyed the door knob of the rear door of the house to forcibly gain entry at the residence of the former government soldier.

According to the police report, suspects carted away the following items from Dagatan’s house– P310,000 cash money; P60,000 worth of jewelries; 2,000 rounds M16 ammunition; 48 rounds ammunition of cal.45 pistol; 140 ammunition of M14 rifle; three pieces rifle grenade; three pieces hand grenade MK2; 32 pieces of M203 ammunition; one tube single M79; three pairs of black fatigue with nameplate and patches of Scout Ranger; four pairs of BDA uniforms with nameplate; two pairs US uniform with nameplate; three pieces jungle back packs; three pairs of combat shoes; two pairs laundry bags; two pieces military hammocks; seven pieces magazines of M16 rifle; and one piece Samurai.

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