European Tourists in Yemen

Two soldiers and a child were wounded when security forces clashed Monday with armed tribesmen who attempted to kidnap four European tourists in a Yemeni village west of the capital Sanaa, Yemeni Interior Ministry said in a statement.

The statement said the incident occurred in Al-Haima Al- Kharijia district, some 60 km west of Sanaa, while the four tourists from Czech Republic were touring the area.

“The security forces, which escorting the tourist group, managed to free the four tourists and thwarted the kidnapping attempt,” the statement said.

This document noted the tourists were unharmed while the kidnappers fled the scene as their vehicle was damaged by the security forces.

“The kidnappers were later captured after hours of manhunt launched by the security services there and they are being interrogated to probe the motivate,” the statement added.

In Yemen, kidnapping of foreigners is often seen.

Tribesmen in the lawless areas often kidnap to force government to meet their demands.

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