Euromillions jackpot netted almost 10.5 million euros

This week’s Euromillions jackpot netted almost 10.5 million euros (13.7 million U.S. dollars) to the Portuguese Treasury following the new tax of 20 percent on social gaming premiums passed in the 2013 state budget.

The first prize, worth more than 51.6 million euros, was recorded Saturday at Aroma Cafe in Povoa de Varzim, a small northern coastal town and coincidentally one of the few legal gambling areas in Portugal.

The winner of the second prize also claimed in Portugal, which was worth just over 580,000 euros, will take home about 465,000 euros after 116,000 euros is claimed in tax.

Cafe owner, Luciana Ribeiro does not know the identity of the winner, but has put a sign in the window reading, "The Euromillions Jackpot prize was won here."

"We’re in a busy area of Povoa where many people pass through on their way to the court and the hospital opposite. It is impossible to know who it was," explained Ribeiro on Sunday.

"The small cafe makes hundreds of Euromillions, Lotto and Totobola sales per week and for reasons of data protection, no names, addresses or telephone numbers are given. Therefore, only if the new euromillionaire comes forward will we know who took the prize and often people simply do not bother to read the numbers," Ribeiro said.

Euromillions players also pay a 4.5-percent stamp duty on the price of the bet at the moment recorded and at the end of 2012 this was the only tax paid until the beginning of 2013 brought in the new 20-percent tax on the total prize money over 5,000 euros. The measure extends beyond the Euromillions to Portugal’s National Lottery prizes, Instant Lottery, Totobola, Totogolo, Lotto and Joker.

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