EU Crisis Solution

The European Union (EU) will hold on to the euro and will emerge from the crisis stronger, European Commission President Jose Manuel Barroso said on Thursday.

Solving the crisis is “a process that requires determination and perseverance, but I can say with full confidence that it is the will of all EU governments, especially those of the eurozone, to maintain the euro and stability of Europe,” Barroso was quoted by the PAP news agency as saying.

“Europe will emerge from this stronger. It always has been like this in the history of European integration: crises were a moment when we wondered how to move on forward,” he said when addressing the two-day event of the 6th edition of European Development Days (EDDs) opened Thursday in Warsaw.

Barroso stressed that overcoming the crisis is also important for the world, as the euro crisis can affect the entire planet and undermine the prospects for global growth.

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