Eric Johnson NFL Engaged with Jessica Simpson

Shocking news on Eric Johnson NFL Engaged with Jessica Simpson

Jessica Simpson was once married. Her ex-husband just got engaged with another girl. Now Simpson wants to make a point. Perhaps she wants to tell her ex-husband that she too is capable of getting a good guy in the name of Eric Johnson NFL, free agent.

Eric Johnson NFL just got engaged with Jessica Simpson whom he started dating early last May 2010. It was not known what kind of engagement ring Eric Johnson gave to Jessica. But for Jessica, she was all on cloud ninety-nine, telling everyone in the world, in an interview, that Eric Johnson NFL is the right man for her right now. Jessica was repeating the word right now all the time. What does that mean?

It could mean that Eric Johnson may not be the right man later. Well, that could happen. Simpson may fall out. Or Eric Johnson may find something he doesn’t like about Jessica. It is easy to feel suspicious when Simpson was using the words right now. There is a meaning behind that word. And it is a bit scary. We can only tell the reason when everything is over between Eric Johnson NFL and Jessica Simpson.

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