Entry and transport of dogs and cats

The city council here unanimously approved on Wednesday’s regular session an ordinance filed by city councilor Lyndon Acap in regulating the entry and transport of dogs and cats to Iloilo City and prescribing penalties for violation thereof.

Acap, chairman of the SP committee on health and sanitation said the regulation ordinance is prejudicial to the anti-rabies campaign of the city.

Earlier, city veterinarian Dr. Tomas Forteza raised alert on the unregulated entry of the animals from other towns and provinces that may cause the increase of rabies incidents here.

Forteza said the city is campaigning for a rabies-free city by 2012 and there is a need to regulate the entry of cats and dogs without certification of immunization from the areas where these animals came from.

Acap said the animals’ owners must bring with them the immunization certificate every time they bring into the city their cats and dogs to be allowed entry.

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