Emergency Hotline Number in Cotabato City, Philippines

With the emerging need for a faster and more efficient means of communication, the Cotabato City Government, in partnership with Sun Cellular, has officially launched its Emergency Hotline Number.

Mayor Japal Guiani Jr. said for emergency situations or reports of any crime or malicious acts, every Cotabateño is encouraged to text or call the number 09329600888.

He said a city government employee will be assigned to be the controller of the city’s hotline 24/7. Any text or call received by the number shall be instantly forwarded to the concerned office for immediate action.

Guiani said through the hotline, every action made by the local authorities and other line agencies will be centralized and be easily monitored.

This can help prevent delay in delivering services to the people.

Sun Cellular will also be providing SIM cards to the City Police Office, Philippine Marines, and Bureau of Fire Protection, the 37 barangays, city department heads and private partners like the Metro Cotabato Water District and Cotabato Light and Power Company.

The City’s Hotline Number has all their numbers stored for faster texting once a report has been received.But still, reports made will be verified first before acted upon, thereby addressing the possibility of prankster taking advantage.

In a meeting with some elements of the local authorities, representatives from the City PNP said there are times when false information is being reported to their hotline numbers and they end up responding to a non-existent crime or situation.

City Police Director Danny Reyes suggested that verification from the barangays be made first to make sure whether the report made is true or not.

He said this is also important to secure the safety of the police officers responding to the area.

“On many occasions, the police are responding to non-existing crimes or situations. This is unfair to our responding lawmen who could have attended to other real situation,” Reyes said.

Sun Cellular representatives made sure that phone signals are not a problem since they have already intensified in putting up towers or tapping other network service providers for stronger signals even in the interior parts of the city.

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