Elitecore Technologies provides OSS/BS solutions

Elitecore Technologies, a leading provider of OSS/BS solutions, announced successful adoption of its mobile data offload solution across key markets. The solution was launched last year in response to telco demands for a Wi-Fi offload mechanism in response to rising usage of smart devices and bandwidth-rich applications. Elitecore recently deployed its Mobile data Offload Service management platform in live operation for a leading service provider in APAC.

Even as mobile broadband data is growing at 150% per annum, of which video alone would comprise 67% by 2015, the spectrum growth is presently only 6% at best places. There is a huge gap between consumer appetite for data and what operators can fulfill, notwithstanding the fact that top 13% smartphone users consume 78% of data traffic.

Considering that 60% mobile data is already being consumed indoors, Wi-Fi translates into a huge opportunity. The operator benefits from low investment & subscribers enjoy a better QoE, including for multimedia streaming videos.

Says Nikhil Jain, COO & Director, Elitecore Technologies, “Clearly, the Wi-Fi roadmap offers a win-win situation for operators as well as subscribers. Through our solution, we are helping operators overcome the integration challenge of their Mobile IT applications with Wi-Fi. Currently, we are having over 15 ongoing POCs with leading telcos for Elitecore Wi-Fi Service management platform across MEA, SEA & India.”

Nikhil further adds, “The biggest value we offer operators is our support for innovative business cases based on Operator readiness to launch Wi-Fi through our extensive 12 yrs experience in delivering solutions for the Wi-Fi market.”

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