Electricity for Every Barangay in the Philippines

The electrification of more barangays would improve the country’s productivity and expand education opportunities, Reyes explained, making the Philippines better prepared to face the challenges of the global financial turmoil.

The electrification of all barangays in the country is a priority project of President Arroyo, Reyes stressed.

In 2009, the DoE will bring electricity to another million homes in the rural areas, Reyes said, with renewable sources of energy, like solar power, playing a larger role in power generation.

“Various headways in the power sector were seen this year. 2008 was the year which saw the power sector breach the 70 percent requirement for the implementation of open access. The handing of the Transco (National Transmission Corp.) franchise bill to the National Grid Corp. of the Philippines (NGCP) was also completed,” Reyes reported to the President.

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