Duterte won third presidential debate

Duterte won third presidential debate, was “not mortally wounded”

Political analysts weighing in on the upcoming presidential elections praised the performance of Davao City Mayor Rodrigo “Rody” Duterte during the third and final presidential debate organized by the Commission on Elections (Comelec) on Sunday (April 24).

Speaking before ABS-CBN’s “Huling Harapan,” Manila Bulletin’s Leandro Coronel stressed that, out of all the candidates who participated in the debate, Duterte proved to be the clear winner.

“Duterte was not mortally wounded contrary to what we expected because of the issues (that have been thrown against him). The clear winner (in the debate) was Duterte,” he stressed.

Meanwhile, in Rappler’s blow-by-blow coverage of the debate, De La Salle University assistant professor Richard Heydarian pointed out how the Davao Mayor was able to show his political will in trying to address Mindanao’s enduring problem on terrorism.

“On that Mindanao issue, (Mayor Duterte) showed conviction,” Heydarian said.

In an opinion article published on Sunday, Inquirer columnist Randy David also gave his analysis on why a lot of Filipino voters continue to support Duterte’s presidential bid.

“Revolt of the periphery”

“Duterte’s rise has equally been made possible by the grievances of Mindanao’s non-Muslim majority… Davao’s longtime mayor deftly articulates their sentiments by harping on the big disparity between Mindanao’s contribution to the country’s gross national product and the pittance it receives in internal revenue allotments. In this regard, Duterte’s rise mirrors the revolt of the periphery,” David explained.

David added that, despite the rise of countless politicians who portray themselves as men of the masses, none of them challenged the prevailing system the way the Davao mayor did. “Duterte has made it a point to mock the system and its conventions, seeing in its openings nothing more than channels through which to undermine it,” David stressed.

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