Dogs That Can Detect Bed Bugs

Bed bugs have finally met their match. The newest, latest weapons in the fight against bed bugs are highly trained bed bug detection dogs with names like Scout. These dogs diligently sniff out these repulsive blood-sucking parasitic insects with uncanny accuracy. Said Bill Cowley of Cowleys Termite & Pest Services, “Cost-effectively locating these elusive insects can be a challenge especially in large multi-room structures. Pest control professionals are realizing the time and cost savings of enlisting bed bug sniffing dogs to help conduct preliminary inspections.”

According to Cowley, “Although bed bugs can wind up anywhere, structures with transient populations such as hotels, hospitals, apartments, university dorms, and other multi-type dwellings are particularly at risk. While scent-detection dogs certainly help in single-family homes to pinpoint bed bug locations, for large square footage structures, these dogs are worth their weight in gold.“

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