Diversified Dealers Association Picks Automotive Compliance Consultants, Inc.

Diversified Dealers Association, a 180-member dealership buying cooperative, recently selected Automotive Compliance Consultants, Inc. as its exclusive vendor of compliance services.

Automotive Compliance Consultants helps dealers attain compliance with all federal laws and avoid penalties, fines and civil actions associated with noncompliance.

“It’s almost a full-time job at most auto dealerships keeping up with, understanding, and knowing how to correctly respond to and handle today’s varied and numerous compliance laws and regulations,” said Terry Dortch, President, Automotive Compliance Consultants.

“Automotive Compliance Consultants as part of our portfolio of member services adds considerable relevant value to members, given today’s regulation-heavy auto industry,” said Thomas Loup, President, Diversified Dealers Association. “Now our members who need compliance services can turn to this trusted source at co-op pricing to help them be compliant with regulations like Red Flag, OFAC, OSHA and others.”

Diversified Dealers Association serves dealerships in Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, Florida, Arkansas, Missouri, Georgia, Texas and California. – prweb

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