Displaced and stateless people worldwide

Donor governments have pledged US$ 482 million for the United Nations refugee agency’s operations in 2012 to help forcibly displaced and stateless people worldwide.

An additional US$ 122 million was pledged for 2013 and beyond, according to a news release issued by the Geneva-based UN High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR), whose total budget requirements for the next two years are US$ 3.59 billion and US$ 3.42 billion, respectively.

“This funding is vital for our work in ensuring the protection and well-being of millions of individual refugees, asylum-seekers, internally displaced and stateless people,” High Commissioner Antonio Guterres said, thanking donors for their support.

“Given the pressure that donors face in the current uncertain economic environment, we are particularly gratified to see this level of support.”

The 2012 budget is US$ 260 million lower than this year’s budget, which had to be revised upwards during the course of 2011 because of a succession of crises such as those in Ivory Coast, Libya, the Horn of Africa, Sudan, and the floods in Pakistan.

As in previous years, the agency’s global refugee program remains the largest component of its requirements, amounting to US$ 2.7 billion of the US$ 3.59 billion needed for 2012.

Almost half of the US$ 2.7 billion is for operations in Africa. Projects for internally displaced persons (IDPs) amount to US$ 575.7 million while global reintegration activities total US$ 246.4 million. Programs such as combating HIV/AIDS, water and sanitation, green energy projects, together with headquarters and regional support will require US$ 329 million in 2012.

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