Direct Access to All Hedge Fund and Private Equity Company Reports

As continues to grow and evolve the need for a heightened premium membership became too great to ignore. The Finbox team has responded by creating new content options for our Premium Members including direct access to all Hedge Fund and Private Equity company reports, full access to contacts, rankings and a social platform to showcase industry news and knowledge. And with the updated Premium membership, Finbox can now connect you with over 500,000 financial sector contacts, hire intelligence and sector analysis.

An upgrade to a Premium account allows Finbox members to utilize the essential network to benefit their career through the ability to post job openings, peruse specific sector analysis and salary reviews. As Finbox continues to understand our member base and its needs, we wanted to make sure that the commitment to organization and openness within the financial industry remained. These upgrades will allow member to use the site in a more effective way, and continue to develop the member-submitted content in an updated way. Finbox members continue to contribute wonderful insight from within their industry, and the goal of the team is continue to embrace and enable members to do so.

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