Development Projects in Francophonie Countries in Africa

Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper on Sunday announced support for new development projects in Francophonie countries in Africa in an effort to help alleviate poverty and generate economic growth there.

In a statement issued in Montreux, Switzerland, where he is attending the 13th Francophonie Summit, Harper said Canada has a long and proud history of supporting development work in Francophonie countries.

“The new initiatives announced today will increase food security, secure the future of children and youth and promote sustainable economic growth across Africa,” he added.

The nine new projects focus on increasing food security, securing the future of children and youth and stimulating sustainable economic growth in Africa.

Through the projects, Canada will help over 400,000 people across Africa in the countries of La Francophonie to curb chronic hunger, grow food and find markets to sell their products.

Canada will also help to protect an estimated 700,000 children from sexual violence in the Great Lakes Region, and support partners in Africa in key areas such as environmental sustainability, nutritional education and access to microfinance and the healthy development of children through training educators, medical staff and parents.

In 2005, Canada committed itself to doubling official development assistance to Africa. It met that target in 2008-2009. Canada maintained funding levels at 2.1 billion Canadian dollars ( about 2.04 billion U.S. dollars) in 2009-2010 to meet development needs in Africa. (PNA/Xinhua)

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