Death or Taxes Is A Poignant Film

Richard Hatch stars in Death or Taxes, which will be shown in Los Angeles as part of the LA Film + Music Weekend. Executive producer, Roni Deutch, plans to attend the screening. The film will be shown Saturday, March 26 at 3:35 pm.

With a run time of 78 minutes, Death or Taxes takes a hard look at the horrifying realities faced by the millions of taxpayers who owe back taxes, many of whom are forced to make life-changing decisions. The film has already received two Awards of Excellence at the Los Angeles Movie Awards; Best Editing for a Documentary Feature and an Award of Excellence for a Documentary Feature. The film also won an Award of Merit at the 2010 Los Angeles Cinema Festival of Hollywood.

In the film Richard Hatch, currently in prison due to ongoing tax battles, discusses his personal battle with the IRS. Death or Taxes also features interviews with U.S. Congressman John Linder, FOX Business Network journalist Elizabeth MacDonald, Shirley Barron, the wife of a man who committed suicide following years of IRS enforced collection, and many others.

Richard Hatch is best known for winning the first ever season of Survivor, and is currently a contestant on Celebrity Apprentice.

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