Dazzling High-rise Building in South Korea

An intoxicating mix of high-rise buildings, neon-saturated streets and pounding commerce, Seoul is one of the world’s great 24-hour cities, and a true feast for the senses. Within the space of a single day, you could be gazing out over Seoul from a mountaintop, setting your tastebuds on fire with spicy Korean food, taking in an absorbing cocktail of aromas at an open-air market, then bouncing the night away at a karaoke-style singing room. The city’s open-all-hours culture gives it an almost unmatched vitality, and the temptation to throw yourself in at the deep end is impossible to resist. It’s also a joy to see the city’s other side – palaces, temples, royal tombs and ancestral shrines are evidence of Seoul’s five centuries as a dynastic capital. With its hyper-efficient transport system, a negligible rate of crime and an astonishing wealth of locally produced modern art, it’s little wonder that so many who visit Seoul come away hugely impressed.

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