Data Mining and Monetization Company GamesAnalytics

Videogame industry pioneer and co-founder of Activision Alan Miller has joined data mining and monetization company GamesAnalytics as a strategic advisor and Director of North American Operations.

GamesAnalytics was founded in 2010 by UK game industry specialist Chris Wright and analytics expert Mark Robinson to serve the global online games market.

Commenting on his appointment Miller said:
“I’m tremendously excited to be working with GamesAnalytics because the company provides a big win-win solution for both game players and game publishers.

“Any game publisher serious about competing in the industry today must be able to rapidly analyze and understand its players’ behavior and swiftly react to their needs. GamesAnalytics turnkey solution allows MMO and Facebook game developers to quickly and easily unlock the true value of their player data and maximize revenue. Our state-of-the-art real-time behavioral analytics and individually targeted in-game marketing increase online game revenue by substantially improving player satisfaction, as well as the number of paying players and average revenue per player.”

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