Dagupan City Hit by Flood

Some of Dagupan City barangays went under water on Tuesday despite the fact that there was not even a drop of rain that fell.

City officials blamed the flood to the rise of tidal water from adjacent rivers that affected Barangays 1, 2, Mayombo, Pantal, Herrero Perez, Bacayao Sur and Bacayao Norte.

The tidal rise started at 10 a.m. and receded at 3 p.m. that kept many people away from the downtown area where the commercial center is located.

It was good that when the tidal water rose, many pupils and students were already inside their classrooms. However, they had to wade in the water when they went back home during noon break.

City Engineer Virginia Rosario said some 200,000 cubic meters of silt ought to be removed from the Pantal River for it to accommodate tidal water flowing from the adjacent Lingayen Gulf.

She admitted that the river that runs through adjacent Calasiao in the upper stream is now too shallow.

However, tidal flood has been a daily occurrence in Dagupan since after the July 16, 1990 earthquake when the city was believed to have sank by a few inches.

It was also learned that Dagupan by topography is one meter below sea level.

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