Curious Who Pass the 2012 Philippine Bar Exam?

Are you curious who pass the 2011 Philippine Bar Examination held in UST Manila in 2011? Your curiosity ends today. In few minutes, the Supreme Court will release the 2012 Philippines Bar Exam Result. The students listed below are those who took the exam last year. We will know later if they pass the bar exam. If not, re-take is the option. To be the first to get the 2011 Philippine Bar Exam Results, LIKE and RECOMMEND us on Facebook.

2497. FORMENTERA, Gil D.
2498. FORMOSO, Ros Criswin V.
2499. FORONDA, Katrine R.
2500. FORONDA, Richard V.
2501. FORONDA, JR., Narsal M.
2502. FORTALEZA, Jerome Courvoisier N.
2503. FORTEA, Natassia L.
2504. FORTES, Yulo B.
2505. FORTIFAES, Cheryl Marie R.
2506. FORTUNA, Dexter Paul C.
2507. FORTUNO, Jennifer B.
2508. FRADES, Charisma G.
2509. FRAGATA, Maria Consuelo L.
2510. FRANCIA, Jonnel S.
2511. FRANCIA, Roselyn R.
2512. FRANCISCO, Cyril C.
2513. FRANCISCO, Denize Camille B.
2514. FRANCISCO, Edna A.
2515. FRANCISCO, Joan N.
2516. FRANCISCO, Marijoy R.
2517. FRANCISCO, Yurgen S.
2518. FRANCISCO, JR., Floriño J.
2521. FRANCO, Katherine J.
2522. FRANCO-FORTUNADO, Cecile Ann F.
2523. FREO, Edmond P.
2524. FRESNOZA, Janice B.
2525. FRIANEZA, I, Norberto J.
2526. FRIAS, Felix C.
2527. FUENTES, Chenita O.
2528. FUENTES, Ian P.
2529. FUENTES, John Wayne B.
2530. FUENTES, Lea G.
2531. FUENTES, JR., Tito C.
2532. FUGEN, Paul Ryan Sting F.
2533. FULGENCIO, Jessica Divina E.
2534. FULLANTE, Jenny Lynne T.
2535. FUMERA, Jocelyn G.
2536. FUNA, Jo-anne Catalina B.
2537. FUNELAS, Ma. Cecilia C.
2538. FURING, Johnson C.
2539. GA-ANCHETA, Mylene R.
2540. GABAO, Nadine F.
2541. GABAS, JR., Remedio T.
2542. GABITO, II, Jose L.
2543. GABOR, Thed V.
Joice F.
2545. GABRIEL, Arneil G.
2546. GABRIEL, Joselina Paula A.
2547. GABRIEL, Omar James N.
2548. GABRITO, Janice G.
2549. GABUCAN, JR., Rogelio D.
2550. GACAYAN, Jason Roland P.
2551. GACO, Jephanie Ellen S.
2552. GADAINGAN, Jess D.


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