Crowne Plaza Copenhagen Towers has been named the greenest one in the world

The Crowne Plaza Copenhagen Towers has been named the greenest one in the world by the travel and tourist organization Skaal International, reported the Danish news agency Ritzau on Monday.

The hotel has been awarded the EcoTourism Award for setting an environmental-friendly example to other hotels, said the report.

The Crowne Plaza Copenhagen Towers is located in the Copenhagen suburb of Oerestad and has the largest solar cell facility in the Nordic. This facility delivers energy to the hotel while Danish groundwater supplies cooling and heating in the air condition of the hotel.

TV and lights in the hotel are all of energy-saving brands. Shampoo bottles, toothbrushes and washing accessories are biologically degradable, which means that the nature can easily absorb the materials.

The hotel restaurant is only buying local goods and the food leftovers are used for bio-energy as well as fertilizer. The fitness facilities also provide a green touch to the hotel, as the training bikes of the fitness center are linked to the power grid of the hotel, thereby providing free energy if any guest wishes to exercise. People who do contribute free energy this way are supposedly getting a free meal in the hotel restaurant.

“It is the first time that a Danish hotel receives this award. I think our throughout green thinking is the reason why we have been awarded. It is all the small details, as well as the big picture,” says Allan Agerholm, the CEO of the hotel, in a press release.

The Crowne Plaza Copenhagen Towers opened its doors last year. Skaal International was founded in 1932 by travel managers and has approximately 20,000 members in 89 nations. It is an organization promoting global tourism. (PNA/Xinhua)

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