Crowded popular market in Syrian capital of Damascus

A sound grenade went off Tuesday night at a crowded popular market in the Syrian capital of Damascus, causing minor material damages, according to state-run SANA news agency and Xinhua reporter in the area.

The bomb was detonated near a bakery in the old popular market of Sheikh Sa’ad area in the upscale neighborhood of Mazzeh, according to Xinhua reporter.

After the loud sound of explosion, security and police vehicles rushed to the area with bomb detectors to scan the area of any further possible threats.

The intention behind the big boom was not immediately figured out, however investigation is underway to identify the perpetrators.

Recent bombings are the latest in a string of attacks that targeted military and security compounds in Syria’s two largest cities of Damascus and Aleppo and claimed the lives of dozens of civilians and government personnel.

The crisis in Syria has grown more militarized as protesters and alleged army defectors took up arms to confront the alleged crackdown by the government forces on opposition protesters. Some Islamist groups also joined the fight against the government.

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