Cooperation in the peaceful nuclear power use

The Japanese parliament completed the ratification of an agreement with Russia, Vietnam, Jordan and South Korea on the cooperation in the peaceful nuclear power use on Friday.

The ruling Japanese Democratic Party succeeded to reach a consensus with the opposition party Komeito, which opposed the ratification of the agreement on December 2.

The agreement is expected to enter into force next month.

The nuclear cooperation agreement with Russia was signed in Tokyo in May 2009. Both houses of the Russian Federal Assembly ratified the agreement in December 2010. However, Japan dragged out the ratification for several reasons, particularly over Japan’s recent doubts on the prospects of the development of the Japanese nuclear industry after the Fukushima-1 nuclear disaster.

The agreement with Russia is designed for 25 years with the option of further extension. The agreement should lay a legal basis for cooperation, particularly in the prospecting and development of uranium deposits, designing, construction and operation of light water reactors, the radioactive waste processing and nuclear security. The agreement contains the provisions which concern the transfer of nuclear materials, equipment and technologies.

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